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2009 - Iolanthe


The Peer and the Peri

Directed by: Nic Wilson
Conducted by: Melanie Gilbert

Phyllis looks on as Strephen talks to his 'mother' KoKo Award logo' Iolanthe confronts the Lord Chancellor

Our 2009 production - a contemporary outlook on this G&S Classic and winner of the Ko-Ko Video Award 2010 for the Most Novel Presentation at the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival at Buxton.

Having been sent into exile for marrying a "mortal", Iolanthe is reprieved by the Fairy Queen. However, when she reveals that she has a son, Strephon, who wants to marry a “Ward of Court”, Phyllis, it sets them on a collision course with the Lord Chancellor and the House of Lords as the “Fairy Ring” Women’s Institute implement their own form of Parliamentary reform.