2009 - Iolanthe

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The Peer and the Peri

Directed by: Nic Wilson
Conducted by: Melanie Gilbert

Phyllis looks on as Strephen talks to his 'mother' KoKo Award logo' Iolanthe confronts the Lord Chancellor

The 2009 production - a contemporary outlook on this G&S Classic and winner of the Ko-Ko Video Award 2010 for the Most Novel Presentation at the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival at Buxton. Having been sent into exile for marrying a "mortal", Iolanthe is reprieved by the Fairy Queen. However, when she reveals that she has a son, Strephon, who wants to marry a “Ward of Court”, Phyllis, it sets them on a collision course with the Lord Chancellor and the House of Lords as the “Fairy Ring” Women’s Institute implement their own form of Parliamentary reform.

Iolanthe 2009
images designed by Anne Turner