2011 - The Yeomen of the Guard

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The Yeomen of the Guard
The Merry Man & his Maid

Directed by: Nic Wilson
Conducted by: Melanie Gilbert

What a tale of Cock & Bull Dark Danger hangs upon the Deed

Sentenced to death for Sorcery, Col. Thomas Fairfax is determined to thwart the plans of his cousin by marrying before his execution. Fate casts a travelling player, Elsie Maynard in the role of bride, but she is already engaged to marry Jack Point. So when Fairfax escapes, what are they to do? The 2011 production of The Yeomen of the Guard marked a change from our usual practice of giving a contemporary spin to the works of G&S, and was performed in more traditional style.

The Yeomen of the Guard 2011

designed by Nic Wilson