2012 - Merrie England

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Merrie England

Basil Hood & Edward German
newly adapted & orchestrated by Max Taylor

Directed by: Nic Wilson
Conducted by: Melanie Gilbert

Essex presents Queen Elizabeth with Raleigh's love letter to Bessie Throckmorton Long Tom, Big Ben & Walter Wilkins celebrate

Our celebration of one Elizabethan era in the Jubilee of another as we present a newly adapted version of this old favourite. Also seen at the Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton as part of the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival 2012. Set in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and alluding to England’s fabled past, this operetta tells of the rivalry of the Earl of Essex with Sir Walter Raleigh for the affections of the Queen. Perhaps a lost letter, found in the forest, from his rival to Bess Throckmorton, can help the Earl find favour.

Merrie England

designed by Nic Wilson