2014 - Haddon Hall

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Haddon Hall

Sir Arthur Sullivan & Sydney Grundy from the adaptation by David Eden & Martin Yates
with further adaptation and orchestration by Max Taylor

Directed by: Max Taylor
assisted by Angela Robinson & Nic Wilson
Conducted by: Melanie Gilbert

Dorothy Vernon & John Manners The McCrankie & Rupert Vernon

A retelling of the Derbyshire legend of the elopement Dorothy Vernon with John Manners - originally reputed to have taken place during the mid-16th century, the operatic version of this tale is reset the in the 17th century, during the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell.


In view of interest generated by the performances of this rarely seen piece, a DVD of our 2014 performance of Haddon Hall by Sir Arthur Sullivan & Sydney Grundy is available for purchase @ £17 and can be purchased using the Paypal link below. [Please indicate which display format you require: PAL (European) or NTSC (North American)]

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Haddon Hall 2014
designed by Nic Wilson